Skull Rings

Our choice of skull rings for every event and skull rings for men and womens

We propose you to find our large option of skull and crossbones rings for men and women to provide a gift (Valentine's Day, Birthday, Engagement, Halloween, Holidays) or individual satisfaction. Our skull and crossbones rings are essential style accessories to be used every day. Univers Skull accompanies you in all the celebrations of your life and offers you:

  • Skull ring sterling silver
  • Skull ring embellished with pearls, diamonds or gemstones
  • Stainless-steel skull ring
  • Johnny Hallyday skull ring
  • Mexican skull ring
  • Ring skull and crossbones rhinestones, etc...

Skull rings as a tribute to the forces of darkness with the skull engagement rings !

There are so many boys and females who make do with banal and a little too great rings that fail to provide the real measurement of their personality. Thanks to the skull and crossbones rings from our online store, it is finally possible to display a gothic, punk, cyclist or rock design that will allow you to accept the darkness as you have actually always imagined doing! The skull and crossbones shapes, both contemporary and daring, the bright or dark colours (gold skull ring, silver, pink gold, white gold, black ...) and the initial patterns unite their powers to give birth to incredibly mystical rings.

Very initial rings with a gothic or rock spirit with our skull wedding rings

Mens skull wedding rings are the best jewellery to complete and sublimate your attire for a gothic, celtic, cyclist, punk and rock 'n' roll design that is very trendy, original and defiant. There are many different designs and shapes of rings in silver skull ring, stainless steel or resin, with gothic skull rings, skull shaped rock rings and steampunk fantasy rings that perfectly fit your style and personality. Our rings will also offer you an air of mystery. In addition, all of our imaginative and original skull rings are offered at budget friendly prices, as are our collection of skull bracelets, skull earrings and skull pendants. Don't think twice to treat yourself !

Steel skull rings

Here is the Crâne Faction collection of Steel Skull Rings. We are proud to provide you a large collection of skull rings. There's something for everybody. Whether you're a young Gothic kid on the fringe of society, a wild Rocker, a speed biker, an insane Punk or just a real Pirate, you make certain to find the perfect ring for you.

Skull and crossbones signet ring

You'll find all the skull and crossbones you used to see worn by big stars like Johnny Hallyday, Keith Richards skull ring from the Rolling Stones or perhaps Teacher Didier Raoult. Discover high quality parts, perfectly worked finishes, precisely developed information that will astonish any skull fan.

Lady skull ring

Obviously we haven't forgotten you! At Crâne Faction, you'll likewise find Skull Faction Female Skull Rings. Our rings are specifically created to combine carnal sophistication with the solidity of skulls. You will discover some rings with much more brilliant skull diamond ring than genuine ones, but likewise stones in various colours to improve the little vibrant details of your attire of the day, such as green, red or blue. Naturally, these skull and crossbones rings for females are likewise perfect as a gift for a quite lady who enjoys skulls and crossbones!

Gothic ring

Our Rings are all more original one than the other. If you feel on the fringe of society, don't want to follow the motion like a sheep and want to make your own design, then you have actually concerned the best location. Choose the one that talks to you the most and adopt your skull and crossbones fashion jewelry that will match your own style in any situation. Tastes and colours are not up for debate!

Mexican skull ring

Of course, if you're trying to find a way to commemorate your enjoyed ones, you can use our Mexican skull rings. It's a warm and pleasant method to think of our loved ones who have died too soon at a party that will reinforce the bonds of your social circle. The Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a celebration not to be missed out on, and one we considered for our Mexican skull rings!